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Questions & Answers:


  • What are the benefits of massage? Why should people get a massage?  What does it do for them?

With increasing numbers of research into the benefits of massage therapy, whether it’s for specific conditions like stress, diabetes or sports injuries, massage has many benefits, and it’s also it’s an essential part of total wellness for general health and fitness.

Basically what it does is lowers stress levels, it reduces blood pressure and heart rate and gives the body’s immune system a boost which of course helps the body to heal itself and guard against disease and injury.


  • Why did you become a massage therapist?

Coming from the Caribbean with a background in hospitality in the Resort industry, I used to view massage as a luxury, only to be had by tourists and the rich and famous. Then when I moved to the US and started working in the Healthcare industry over 15 years ago in Atlanta and New York, my view changed.

I would see massage therapists working at sporting events, health fairs, hospitals, senior centers, and even hospice. The patients after their sessions, would be smiling and in such a better mood, feeling good, having pain relief, walking taller, resting better. I was amazed and I thought, that profession is the best of both worlds and I was like “wow! That is what want to do!” And so here I am


  • How often should someone get massages?

The frequency of massage sessions will vary by the individual. When someone comes in for a massage for the first time, he or she will fill out a medical history form. The practitioner may do a physical assessment, so the client benefits from the correct protocol and treatment plan.

For instance, some individuals may need a 60-minute treatment once or twice a week, while for another person, it may be a 90-minute treatment every 2 weeks, so it really depends on the individual’s needs and goals.  I believe everyone should get a massage at least once a month to help get rid of the stress that tends to accumulate in our bodies with our modern lifestyle.


  • What’s the best way to find or choose a massage therapist?

The best way I feel is by referral or recommendation from friends and relatives who are already receiving massages.  That way you can start with someone you already trust since your family and friends trust them. However, although massage is a scientific discipline, it also is an art. Every therapist's style and touch is different so it may be necessary to try a couple of different therapists until you find one whose work is beneficial to you, and with whom you are comfortable.

Another thing is, before you have anyone work on you be sure that they are currently licensed and insured to practice and that his or her location is also currently licensed as a massage establishment. You may also check on the validity of licensure at the Florida Department of Health website, under Licensing and Regulation.


  • Where are you located and do you offer any specials?

We are located at 7053 S Tamiami Trl, in Pine Park Center. That’s just about a half mile south of Stickney Point Road opposite to the Mazda Dealership.

We have a great introductory offer of just $49 for a 60-minute Wellness Massage, and also during the summer months, we offer monthly specials.

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